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  "Melody Bell" brings beautiful sounds of English handbells to your iPhone. It reproduces live handbell sounds through multi-sampling process with performance and style that can only be recreated by iPhones.

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  You choose a note you want to play, and shake your iPhone to ring the bell. You can scroll through the bells horizontally to change and pick a another note to ring.      
  Handbells of all notes will appeared on the screen. Just touch the bell to ring. With a little practice, you can be a solo performer.      

Get together with your friends and family to form a handbell choir. The bell ensemble acts as one instrument, with each musician responsible for a particular note or couple of notes, ringing his or her assigned bells whenever that note appears in the music.


If you find yourself all alone with nothing fun to do, it's time to ring the bells. Practice "Melody Bell" solo performance for those beautiful moments with someone special.


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