Ovi Store makes me feel much better about Apple

Is it just me, or is the process for publishing apps to the Ovi store like getting an IRS audit? We’re looking to release applications for Nokia, but the Ovi store process is convoluted, expensive, and frustrating. A total buzz kill for any ambitious young developer wanting to make ‘iFart’ for Nokia.
To get an app on the iTunes store, you need to pay for a developer account, deal with provisioning, and face the occasional rejection from Apple. This used to bother me. But to get an app published on Ovi, your app must be ‘signed and verified’. Unfortunately, ‘signing’ and ‘verifying’ an app requires a publisher ID ($200), and sending your app through a third party company to test it before submission. This alone costs 200 euros a pop, assuming the testing company clears the app on the first try. If you choose the ‘express’ signing, you can waive the testing step, but the burden is then on you to make sure the app passes all of the test cases in the Symbian Signed Test Criteria (a 42 page document). Failure to comply may result in grave, grave consequences, like losing your rights to publish on the store again.
For me, the hardest part was the lack of any developer community to baby me through these steps. Nobody making a step-by-step tutorial. Nobody explaining the testing documents in plain English. It’s too bad, really. For now, given the choice, I’m sticking with Apple.



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