Dinosaur Island's Characters

With the release of our new “Dinosaur Island” game for Mobage-town, I thought now would be a good excuse for me to blog about dinosaurs.

Sitting here, sweating away through the late hours of the night to get this released, I often wondered what kind of dinosaurs our app’s characters really were.

So here’s some info on a few of my favorite “Dinosaur Island” characters, shamelessly ripped straight from Wikipedia.

Struthiomimus (ストルティオミムス)

The dinosaur you get after your first “excavation” in the game.  Looks like this ostrich-looking bird actually means “ostrich” in Greek.  And it hails from Alberta, Canada!  Doesn’t quite fit the typical Canadian profile, but with legs like that I’m sure he can play ice-hockey as good as the next guy.


One of the three dinosaurs you can now get if you can convince at least one of your friends to play the game.  Yet another bird, but much more deadly than the Struthiomimus (at least as far as Dinosaur Island is concerned).  In reality, this apparently is one of the first “bird” ever discovered with a true beak, and no teeth.  And it doesn’t seem to get much bigger than a foot long.  If you ask me, I’d go for some of the more deadly varieties for the “invitation” campaign (giant squid, ahem)


The dinosaur of chose for the first “quest” boss.  Apparently an ancestor of the modern squid.  Living in the sea, eating fish and crustaceans.  Typically about 9 inches in diameter, but can grow to 2 meters!  A worthy adversary.



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