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Samurai Chess for iPhone

Samurai Chess

Imagine a Samurai playing chess!

"Samurai Chess" is basically an orthodox chess game. However, it is quite different from other chess games. This game faithfully depicts the world of the Samurai in the Japanese civil war era, featuring fierce battle scenes between Samurai involving razor-sharp Japanese swords, etc. It is an unprecedented chess game in that the theme, animations, sound effects and so forth overflow in "Bushido-style".

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Realisic Bushido Style   Online Match   CPU Match   3D Realistic Graphics
Realistic "Bushido-style" Sounds effects and animation.
Online match with chess fans all over the world.
      CPU match with three difficulty levels A truly Samurai-worthy "Hard" level.       Realistic graphics through 3D modelingThree kinds of available themes.  


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